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Hi, We’re Robin and Kara!

You may recognize us from our sister blog, Whimsy Soul. We live in a tiny 380 sqft apartment in San Francisco with our cat Twyla and could write a whole screenplay to rival The Notebook based on our love of living here. There’s something about this city we can’t pull ourselves away from…

But, still, we kept finding ourselves saying this like “one day we’ll have a house and space for a garden! Then we can grow basil for Friday pizza night sauce!” or “One day we can build a little mushroom shed and grow a ton of them!” or “One day we should get chickens and have fresh eggs all the time!

The latter is impossible in our current apartment (we don’t have a patio or any outdoor space) but we did realize that One Day could be Today. We could grow food in our kitchen with the help of grow lights. We can grow mushrooms, too, and even forage them along the California coast. Making sourdough starters and constantly having fresh homemade bread is absolutely realistic. We may not be able to grow a ton of cucumbers (Robin is still trying) but we can make homemade pickles. Even within the limits of a rental, we can make sustainable home swaps, too.

You don’t need a 100-acre farm to re-wild your life.

Homesteading IS possible without a home. We believe folks can take steps to be more self-sufficient and sustainable in their daily lives without owning land. And it’s a lot fun, too (and usually pretty tasty!)

One day we do want to be that couple with way too many donkeys and always bringing neighbors over buckets of wild berries to eat in the summer, but for now, we’re getting creative in urban homesteading even if we’re not perfect at it all the time. And want to bring you along. Let’s re-wild our lives together.